About Us    


Coach Valentin Nikolayev has personally coached figure skaters who have earned two Olympic Gold medals, two World Gold medals, 11 Silver and Bronze World medals, four World Junior Championship Gold medals and 4 European Championship titles.  He has conducted 29 sand training camps in the Soviet Union and 15 in the United States.  

Coach Alexei Mantsorov was the Ukrainian National Pairs Champion and a member of the USSR National Junior Team.  Since 1992, Coach Alexei has prepared Regional medalists as well as Sectionals and Junior National Championship competitors. He has conducted 3 sand training camps in Ukraine and 12  in the United States.  

Our skaters from Norway are Cindy, Juni-Marie, Ronja and Vanessa; from Charlotte, North Carolina, Emily; from Wichita, Paige H.; and from Omaha are Christina,Veronica and Lauryn.   We are supported by Bogdana from Norway, Donna from Wichita and Svetlana and Bobbi from Omaha.