Down on the Boardwalk

We had good practices yesterday; we started the last one early so we could all go to the Boardwalk at Virginia Beach for some R&R!  This is a tradition for our camp.  The Boardwalk is a three-mile stretch of hotels, restaurants, shops, museums and live entertainment.   Our skaters pedaled multiple-person bikes (see our Photogallery for pictures) and bought souvenirs.  A good time was had by all.     

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Working towards the finish line

Our skaters are in the home stretch!  Yesterday they had an early workout to avoid the rain.  It poured so hard that we had a small river going down the streets.  It cleared off by noon and turned sunny.  Last night some of the girls opted for an evening stroll on the beach, while others visited the little shops down the street for T-shirts and other souvenirs.  Tonight . . . everyone's favorite, the Boardwalk!  Pictures to follow.  

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Sand and Sun

Today has been humid and a mix of sunny and cloudy.  Some of our skaters spent time on the beach today to play.  Visit our photogallery to see more.  

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One week down!

The skaters have made it through the first week, enduring rain, fog, cool temperatures and hot tempuratures.  Today is hot and sunny, so we should see some tans (and hopefully no more sunburns!) appearing. Last night we said goodbye to Svetlana and Maksim and today we say hello to T.R. from Norway (parent) and Paige C. from Omaha (skater). .  

For fun, we have watched a movie, gone to Coldstone for ice cream, had  manicure night and spent Saturday at Busch Gardens.  We were lucky with the weather at Busch Gardens and everyone had a lot of fun.  Please visit the Guestbook if you haven't already and send a word to our hard-working group!     

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Days 1-5 - working hard!

The training camp began on Sunday, May 29 with 9 skaters - Ronja, Juni-Marie, Vanessa and Cindy from Norway; Emily from North Carolina; Paige from Kansas; and Christina, Veronica and Lauryn from Nebraska.  The weather has been mostly rainy, foggy and chilly.  Our skaters have survived blisters, sore muscles, rain, cold, sun and heat and the "Uptown Funk" workout.  

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First blog

Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

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